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Cloud Services

Ingram Micro offers a full range of business technology solutions. Partners can use our convenient category list to explore cloud solutions, and then drill down to assemble and purchase unique product and service offerings.

Streamline business processes, improve organizational workflows and efficiencies, and drive project deliverables with popular cloud business applications including Microsoft Office 365, BitTitan, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and more.

Lifting your business into the cloud? Need help choosing the right solutions? Our team of experts is here to help.

Cloud Services Platforms

Choose from four flexible and scalable options with the most advanced technologies for bundling, cross-selling and upselling cloud solutions with other product and service offerings through the web.


Ingram Micro Cloud hosted/managed
Simple management - Fast deployment - Core services portfolio

Software Licensing

Provider self-hosted/managed
High scalability - Full control - Broad services portfolio
José Moyano
José Moyano
Manager at Tibox

"Due to the way they work and our good relationship, Ingram Micro is our favorite wholesaler. With Ingram Micro we have been able to train -and we hope to keep doing it- our executives in all Microsoft solutions portfolio. This is a critical topic since as long as we empower our salesforce and technical areas, we are more empowered to deal with end customers."

Hernán Arenas
Hernán Arenas
Business Manager at ADDX

"Ingram Micro is a strategic partner for us, and every project we carry out that requires licenses is managed through Ingram Micro, which has become a key link for our operation. Since 2012 we are a Microsoft Silver Partner, more specifically at Dynamics 365 and along with Ingram we were the first to work the licensing system under CSP. That means, we have developed this business together."

Ariel Silva
Ariel Silva
Infrastructure Manager at Ignite

"Although we are registered to do business with other wholesalers, we prefer Ingram Micro for all our CSP and Cloud services, not only for its pricing and easiness to upload products, but mainly for the human relationships and confidence we have built during these years of work."

Pedro Oyarzún Recabarren
Pedro Oyarzún Recabarren
General Manager at Egs.cl

"Egs.cl is now a prominent Microsoft partner, specifically in businesses related with Office 365 and Azure. These years of work with Ingram Micro, have let us match and complement when addressing an opportunity, and both the brand and the wholesaler have been instrumental for our growth as an added value channel."

About Ingram Micro Cloud

Ingram Micro Cloud is a global division of Ingram Micro. With more than 1,500 dedicated cloud specialists, we've built the largest cloud ecosystem in the world to empower organizations to monetize and manage the entire lifecycle of cloud services.

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